A Recipe for Success

successWhen people ask me about myself I always say that I am extremely hard to live with and I go on to tell them that while I can walk into a room filled with 300 people and flawlessly get my point across,  I am not really a people person. People who think they know me always tell me that they can’t believe that I am difficult and because I am successful at what I do they always shake their head in disbelief.

Recently, I started to explain this to a group of new sales people who had just started with their organization.  As I went down my list of things that were difficult about living with me and my desire to be by myself once I leave work for the day, there were a few key takeaways that I felt I should share with you.
Why I am difficult:

  • I am a little quirky by nature, I have a certain way of doing things and like the way I do them.
  • I demand that the people in my life strive to be the best that they can be, and to a fault I push them over the edge of their comfort zone in order for them to see their potential.
  • I am a flexible planner, I am very calculated. I methodically approach situations and map out all intended and unintended impacts no matter how far down the road they come.
  • I am selfish, I never allow someone to limit my relationship potential and I will never allow someone to impact the ability to put food on the table.
  • I am a dreamer, when I dream about something long enough It becomes reality. I constantly look at ways to improve the world I live in and am driven to impact change. It is really hard to dream when you are always looking to change the world

What’s with me and people:

  • I am a Networker, I am connected to thousands of people both professionally. I am naturally intrigued by people and am always looking to understand them. Since I am quirky by nature I yield influence on a large group of people; however, I separate my business from my personal life; where in reality I have a small circle of less than 10.
  • I am a brand, when I decided to branch into social media, to be actively involved in the business community and my uncanny ability to demand that people be the best that they can be– I created a monster. My desire for people to know that they can and will do it, set me down a path.  I am so passionate about what I do that I love talking about it.  On the flip side, I don’t like walking in crowded malls and avoid situations where I need to speak with people outside of business, when this happen you are adding to my circle of 10.
  • I don’t care about what people think about me, you are either going to love me, or hate me and I don’t care. I argue exhaustively with people about things that I have little passion for while holding the things that I really want in my back pocket. Knowing that I methodically plan means that if I am saying something to you it is probably for your own good. I don’t have the sugar coating built in to my delivery.

When I wrapped my conversation with this group I let them know how they can apply my quirkiness to their lives and I closed by saying:

  • Never limit your own potential by fearing the unknown, always push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone.
  • Grow your brand and your network, but never waiver from your standards.
  • Always do the best you can for someone every time that you are in front of them, even if that means that you have to ask some questions that may make them not like you.
  • Be an expert in strategy, if you are not, find someone that is and add them to your inner circle nobody succeeds by chance.

And finally, know that you will be successful if you never allow someone to limit your relationship potential and stand in the way of your success.