Evolve or Die

evolveI often find myself telling people to evolve or die. Although the advice seems solid, most people wait for something to prompt them to evolve. Procrastinators fall victim to human nature, which pushes them to the edge and the inevitably the brink of absolute panic. When they are in panic mode, they tend to not think clearly and as you know clouded judgment causes critical mistakes to happen. Humans learn from their mistakes and their mistakes make them who they are.

Procrastination has caused some great people and companies to fold into the history books with little reminisce of their existence. Luckily, I have five great things that you can adopt to avoid falling into the depths of extinction.

  1. Clearly set standards and do not waiver on them.  I will always do what I feel is best for someone, it is not always the popular conversation; however, I go into every situation to influence the best outcome.
  2. Do not settle for second best.  There are tons of talented people that just accept things for what they are and because they do not pursue the best outcome they become part of the problem and not the solution. Personally, everything I do is to impact change. If I am not getting a return on investment for my time, it probably isn’t worth wasting my breath on it.
  3. When faced with a change, embrace it, take charge and work to influence the standard rather than become part of the norm.
  4. Carry a big stick, tirelessly pursue your credibility and use it to impact change. Never waiver from your standards and treat everything you are passionate about like your life depends on it. The value of your credibility and your consistency will provide you with the influence necessary to positively impact change.
  5. Love what you do. I decided long ago that I will be the best whatever I am until the next thing comes around. Every day of my life doesn’t excite me; however, I do what I love to do. Passion exudes confidence and confidence garners respect.

If you can execute on all five, you will master your universe and master evolution.  If you don’t, you will learn from your own mistakes and I will be there to tell you I told you so!