It’s All In Your Head

depressedIt’s Monday, you roll out of bed and start your routine.  One thing is for certain, you are already dreading the week ahead.   Even if you love what you do no one really enjoys leaving home. You think of the day ahead and realize it is going to be a tough one.  Downsizing at your company has caused your workload to triple with no end in sight.  Fearfully you go to your office wondering if you are next.

You carry that fear with you as you make it through the day. When your day comes to an end, you feel safe since you made it through another day.  On your commute home you start worrying about all of the possibilities, a tear comes to your eye. You wonder what you did to deserve to be put in this situation. How are you going to put your kids through college? How are you going to start over?
As the week progresses you become more disconnected and concerned, obsessing over what hasn’t happened yet.  Trying to figure out your life after the unthinkable happens. This obsession turns to physical illness and social disconnect.

Weeks turn to months and depression grabs hold of your life, eventually you find yourself out of a job; fired for performance reasons. Your family life hangs by a thread and because your short temper and odd behavior has pushed everyone away, you feel alone.  The problem with this illness is that you are often the last one to know.

Sounds severe, but at any given time people who seem untouchable on the outside have already eroded on the inside. Your mind can be the best of friends or your worst enemy and no matter how strong you think you are it is virtually impossible to heal yourself.  Let this be an open letter to you my friend, life is too short to ruin everything that you have worked for.