Life Giving Up Or Giving In

lifeWhy is it that people decide to give up rather than fight? I am not talking about hand to hand combat, I am talking about a just giving up on life.  Several years ago I moved to upstate New York for business to a beautiful town called Ballston Lake. It was during this chapter of my life that I first discovered and emotional wasteland.  My office was in Schenectady pretty far from my countryside town house; in its hay day Schenectady was dubbed the “Electric City” because of the General Electric headquarters that employed almost the entire town.  When the plant reduced it’s operations, Schenectady died.

The people that I met throughout my year there would stick with me for life. They had large families, collected exorbitant welfare checks and sat home drinking all day. There homes were infested with roaches, littered with cats and overrun with trash. They were decent hard working people that would never push for a better life.  It is easy to let life beat you down and in this case life hit these people so hard that unacceptable had become a common place and trying to get more out of life was too much effort.

Those people blamed The General Electric Company for their lives in much the same way that business owners blame the economy for their lack of business.  The truth is in both cases these people are taking the easy way out.  I am responsible for producing a fairly large amount of business every month, over the last 24 months I have watched people drop around me, with that said over the same period I had one bad month and the only person I can blame for that month is me.

I never lose sight of the people that rely on me to live, my family.  When times get tough it is easy for me to retreat into a hole, but I won’t… I can’t it is not an option. Instead I look at new and innovative ways to approach my clients, ways to provide value to their organization and to make sure we partner to make money together.  I don’t do what I do to make a quota; I do what I do to make sure that everyone including my clients have what they need.

Can you say that about yourself and your business? You cannot continue to operate business as usual, those times are long gone. Wake up, identify new ways that your clients can find value in your product or service and strengthen your personal brand.  Taking the victim route will ensure that you, like the people I met in Schenectady, never find a better life.

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