Stop With the Excuses

stopAre you driven?

Does your personality prevent you from getting what you deserve in life? I meet a lot of people who tell me they should have, could have, would have and can’t.  Those are the same people that don’t.  They spend their entire lives thinking that they aren’t good enough to get or do what they want in life.

Are you one of those people?

When faced with an insurmountable problem or task do your retreat? Tell yourself that you’re not smart or strong enough or that someone else is better. Stop it; you are setting yourself up for failure and no matter how many things you tell yourself to feel better about your situation, feeling hopeless is not the answer.

Believe me; no one is perfect no matter how great other people’s lives look on the outside everyone struggles with something. It is easier to give up rather than fight, after all when people are already beaten down they take the path of least resistance.  No one knows this better than I do; I carried the burden of debt, diabetes and self-pity with me for a real long time.  My mind was my worst enemy and using these burdens as an excuse, I lost everything around me as a result.  One day feeling defeated, I woke up in a parking lot in my car looking up to the sky. It was at that moment that I realized that this isn’t what I wanted out of life.  I reached into my glove box, grabbed some paper and wrote a list. 1. Get my family back, 2. Get my finances in order, 3. Don’t end up living in a car again. I suggest you do the same, of course your situation will vary; however, you need be honest with what creates a hurdle in your life and list it.  You are the keeper of the list, don’t lie to yourself.  This will serve as your personal road map; the next step is to write the directions to your destination along with specific time lines. For example; first I will get a place to live-3 weeks, second; I will let my family know how much they mean to me-1 week. Third; I will get everyone back under one roof-4 weeks.

Prioritize your hurdles and begin to jump over them.  This is where the personality change comes into play.  First you have to believe in yourself; just because you have a roadmap doesn’t mean there won’t be some roadwork along the way, trying to send you on a detour. Look for the caution signs and react, if someone says you are not good enough, prove them wrong. Get the words “I can’t because” out of your vocabulary and don’t give up. Follow your roadmap until you reach your destination no matter how long it takes and move onto the next hurdle.

Through this process you will learn to respect yourself, you will learn that when you put your mind to life you really can succeed. Sound like a business plan? That’s because it is the business of your life.

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