Think a Little Differently

fractureAt its core, drive and the willingness to succeed relies on a person’s desire. Activating that desire has a lot to do with their environment and the tools and resources available at their disposal. In order to ensure a stable future and the ability to scale to the complex needs of each individual, we must look at things in a way that we have never looked at them before.

When something is fractured systemically our first notion is to repair the fracture. After all, repairing a fracture is a lot easier than getting to the root of the cause. Over time, repairs tend to weaken and the surface problem reappears. Being reactive, we work swiftly to add a little more filler hoping that no one realizes that the smart move was to fix the cause to begin with.

People of all mindsets convene to discuss how we can prevent the fracture from recurring; however, the path of least resistance is to continue to use the same method. Battered and bruised by the arguments of the past, the innovators decide not to speak up while the workers continue to throw the same cement on the same old wall.

The cost of the repair ultimately outweighs the cost of a strategically planned solution every time; however, we continue to be limited by the short path in front of us instead of the long road ahead.