When the going gets tough

army_knifeIf you find yourself stuck in a less than ideal situation, you should do everything possible to not lose sight of what’s important.  You have probably heard the old saying that when life throws you lemons you should make lemonade. It is a simple, yet effective piece of advice.

Failure is self-induced, I look at all of the things that I have faced in my 35 years and remember thinking in each instance that I was faced with uncertainty that there are two paths that I can take.  The path that leads to certain downward spiral or the path that leads to success.  The pathway to success is never a smooth one and most of the time it looks daunting and insurmountable. The traps on the path to success play on your insecurities and aim to derail you at every turn.

I am writing this as someone that is close to me who is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. My advice is simple and straightforward and I feel that this will give them something to look back at as my conversation resonates with them.

  1. Circumstance impacts clear thinking. It’s okay to learn from a slight derailment, when you harp on the derailment instead of getting back on the path, excuses set in. Excuses only work for as long as you keep them going.
  2. Clear line of site, you know where you want your path to end.  Keep that in mind as you put your excuses to rest and get back on the path. Nothing should stand in the way of you reaching you goals….nothing.
  3. Resources are limited by circumstance and everyone has circumstances. In order to continue your journey you will have to be resourceful.  Think about how many uses you get out of a Swiss Army Knife for a little investment.  I am living proof that you can do a lot when you put your mind to it.
  4. Pay attention to details, big and small. If your processes are a mess clean them up, not paying attention causes you to derail and as I said before nothing should stop you from reaching the end goal.
  5. Maintain focus on the end of the path, there are a million things that you want to accomplish, but as my boss would say… “You can’t build a house if the foundation is not solid”. You should always shoot for great things; however, all of us have to pay attention to details. Sometimes getting to the end of the road means you have to take what you can get and do ten times more than the next guy with it.

To: You Know Who You Are,

You have played an instrumental part in my life. As a child you believed in me when a lot of people wrote me off. I am telling you that you can have everything that you want in life, but you have to take it.  The journey is going to be a long unpleasant one, but when you get to the end of the path it will be all worth it.

Love, Thomas